Does anyone else use Evernote?

United States
February 24, 2013 7:54pm CST
I love Evernote. It's a program for the computer and/or cell phone where you can save all kinds of things. You can save notes of things you want to remember, but more than that... I scanned all my little recipes that were cut out from magazines and I keep them in Evernote. I can look at them on my cell phone when I'm in the kitchen cooking. Evernote is free for the computer and the phone app is also free. You can save a lot with the free version or you can pay a yearly fee to have more storage. I save all my documents in Evernote. Anything on my computer that I want to make sure I know where to find it... Anything I don't want to have cluttering up my house I can save in Evernote. I take pictures of things I want to remember and keep them in Evernote. There are so many possibilities. Things you save in Evernote on the computer or your phone get uploaded to Evernote Web, and then they sync with your phone and computer so you can always find everything in all 3 places. Let me know if you use Evernote and what you like to use it for.
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• Indonesia
25 Feb 13
I am using it mostly to clip article from the internet, whenever i find something interesting on the internet and want to keep it for future references, i just clip it with their web clipper firefox extension(in my portable firefox). So, i will never lose anything again.
• Indonesia
26 Feb 13
I have used clearly before, at first it seems cool but then i think its not worth it cause i never read article online instead i just clip it and read it at home.
• South Africa
4 Apr 13
I like that it doesn't use so much space like word does and its free with cloud support.
• South Africa
24 Mar 13
I use it, its brilliant. I write reviews and articles with it.