Why do Women love to talk?

February 25, 2013 9:01pm CST
Now I wonder why do majority of women love to talk? hehe just saw a discussion and got interested to make this a topic.
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@miryanag (348)
• Bulgaria
26 Feb 13
I guess it's because we are very emotional creatures and if we don't talk we will explode. Talking is our way to express everything. We resolve conflicts with talkin men offten resolve them with phisical power. It's in our nature to talk in our DNA.
• Canada
26 Feb 13
In my life it is the oposite. I actually dislike talking. I love silence. My husband on the other hand barely takes a breath. Drives me nuts how much he can talk. And he gets mad at me if I don't feel like having a conversation. He just doesn't get it that I like silence and don't feel the need to always be blabbing. He also runs out of things to say so he keeps repeating himself just to talk. That is the most annoying thing in the world..