Chest Wall Pain

@keasling (724)
United States
February 26, 2013 9:49am CST
This has been one week that I care not to ever repeat. I was diagnosed with "Chest Wall Pain". After what the doctors told me and some research, basically the area where the ribs meet the chest done is inflamed. Chronic coughing, strenuous exercise and stress causes this. I haven't had chronic coughing i can see the stress being the main culprit to this. I am currently on a mild pain killer, muscle relaxer and preisdone. I am not one who take medications often so remembering to take them has been a challenge for me. I will be happy when I can get back to the gym and start being able to relive some of the stress I have been under. My doctor suggest yoga to help relive the stress and would be good for after any cardio that I do. Has anyone else been affected by this type of chest wall pain?
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@MrGhost (550)
12 Mar 13
What's the diagnosis? Are you suffering from costochondritis?
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
27 Feb 13
Take care of yourself here. Im only 34 years old here, and had a mild heart attack last year. My started as a slight chest pain like you are having there.Listen to your dr.
• Indonesia
27 Feb 13
really? it is the first time i heard about that type of diagnose. actually what have you done that caused your chest's inflamed?
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
27 Feb 13
Keasling...that is odd... I have been having this same problem and can't figure it out...and what you exactly what I have been going thru! Interesting. I have Acid Reflux but I have controlled that with eating certain ways and things like that, and if it is bad, I take Rantidine (generic for Zantac) and that helps quickly. I also take Tums and that helps. But I can't figure why! I can pretty much set my clock to 3am for it to wake me! It is the most horrible burning sensation ever! I have had ultrasounds on every part of my body and everything is fine! Long story short...two things. First...I was taking Fiber Choice...a probiotic supplement for fiber..OTC. I was taking it at night thinking it'd get into my body better. It worked as far as the fiber issue goes, but one night I was looking on the label for some reason...and it said.."take with a meal to prevent possible stomach pain". It suddenly hit me....I take it at night at bedtime so it'd be "working" by morning. I stopped taking it at night for about a week or so...pain gone!!! I now take it in the late morning when I eat for the first time of the day and then have all day food to do whatever and no pain at night! Made me feel so stupid that I didn't catch that on the label! same pain in chest to back on the right, I lay in bed at night to watch tv. I DVR things during the day and evening, and then watching TV helps me fall asleep, so I watch about 2 hours then fall asleep. in having myself proped up comfortably...I am okay, but near the end, I am feeling these chest burning pains again! Minor, and I lay flat with just a pillow, but 3am..and I am on fire. Testing only happened when I would prop myself up! If I lay kind of sideways, not directly on my back...NO PAIN!!! I have just made this discovery and am testing it...but so far...if I don't prop up at sitting position, I won't get the chest pains at 3am! I noticed to that if I lay on my side, the pain isn't there. I live in a LOT of stress, so that could be why too....but... these two has helped a TON if I do/don't them. But now that I hear what yo uhave to say...the stress is very well what starts it..and the other two things are just co=dependents! I can't do anything about the stress. So I plan to just do these two things and hopefully it will stop. But thanks for sharing your symptoms...chest wall pain.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
26 Feb 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well i feel extremely bad for your health and i am sure u will be fine if you take the right medications and precautions suggested by the doc. I hope next time u do not put more pressure while in gym sessions so that u do not develop such an illness again. What say?