It's a feminine thing: Monthly visitor it is

@arizen (152)
February 26, 2013 11:49pm CST
Once a month, females are visited by this thing. It can come in various amounts but most of the time the first day will be the most plenty. Sometimes they can be a little early, sometimes they can be late too. Well other females don't have it and think something is wrong with them. Some have them so strong that they also have to find out what's wrong with them too. So, my question for the females out there is... Do you also experience extreme mood swings during this monthly visits? Because I do. I've been observing myself and I try as much as possible to control and rationalize my mood but it is just there just before the monthly thing happens. Am I the only one with this? If you are too, can you give me a couple of tips on how to handle them?
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@danix1982 (593)
• Philippines
27 Feb 13
it is normal to have mood swings during red days because sometimes we experience dysmennorhea or stomach pain so thats why we are not in the mood as we are not feel better, every month that i have red days i just stay at home and read some books while eating my favorite chips or i make myself busy so that i cannot feel the stomach pain.