i want to give away books

@hotsummer (10449)
February 27, 2013 6:09am CST
I don't know how can i dispose books i have. It's college books like medicine books, engineering books and nursing books and etc. So maybe i cash give them away online or maybe sell it. But I don't know if anyone would be interested to have or even buy them. Is just taking too much source on my cabinet. Although those books are from my siblings and others from councils bit they don't need it anymore
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• India
27 Feb 13
Well those books are only blocking the space in your house so its good decision to get rid of them. You can try to sell them online or you can go to any book shop which buys and sells second hand books. And if you wanna donate them then give those books to some library.
• United States
27 Feb 13
I have two suggestions, either donate them to your local library Or post them at amazon.com. the first will help your local library. Either they will add them to the library's collection Or sell them at their booksale. The second will bring in some money for you!
• Philippines
27 Feb 13
Well, sorry but I love reading and don't even try to sell my schools books. First, because when I forget something related in work, at least I have resources to turn to and look for in. Plus it's your investments also, youve spent a fortune on them years back. BUT it's still up to you, cause as you mentioned it's taking up much space in your cabinet. You know, there are lotsa new revised books now, IT's less likely to sell them plus you can pass those books onto your kids one day. But if youre eager to sell them and your decision is final, Go for it.. :)
@Goludipe (44)
• Israel
27 Feb 13
I guess you can donate it to a library or if you don't want to donate you can sell it to them. It is better you ask you friends and cousins first before taking any action.