How to make a facebook page popular

@miryanag (348)
February 28, 2013 5:29am CST
Hi myloters! I created a facebook page today. The page is about dogs. The thing is that I don't know hoew to make it popular and get more likes. My friends list is not very big and plus I want people from other countries to like it too.Give me some tips please?
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@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
3 Mar 13
I have seen such a page right now and they only had bulldogs in the page but it was so popular because dog lovers follow their page for the several cute photos and videos of the bulldogs. The key is to keep b your page interesting and updated all the time. Your friends have to give you b support as well. When they like posts, encourage them to share it. When they share it, your page would b reach multitude of people in their friends list. I wish your page would be successful. :)
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
2 Mar 13
Join several groups that are into the same fondness-like animal lovers group. I am sure a lot will check on your page.
• Philippines
1 Mar 13
I love Dogs! and everytime I searched any page in facebook about dogs, i usually check first if the page has a positive cover photo and an inspirational message about Dogs, ans then I will like it. I usually hang on pages where I can get ideas on how to really take care of our pets, something about their food and hygiene. I think you should always, make it a daily task to post positive quotes about them plus stories and everything that might attract other viewers and likers. Good Luck to you and to that page! :)
@LoKoMoMe (511)
• Belize
28 Feb 13
I think that easiest way to promote your page is to chat up your friends to like and share your page, but its quite hard at first. If you succeed and have many followers maintain a good post to get more followers, but you need an interesting page to get more popular.
• Philippines
28 Feb 13
Hi. I think can help you with that. Its a traffic exchange site. Basically you signup for them and earn credits. You can use those credits to exchange for likes for your fanpage from other members.
• Indonesia
28 Feb 13
hmmm i think ther is a site that grow up our facebook pages likes, it just like traffic exchange sites. you can search it in net. but i dont know excactly what is the good site. you may try