Bonus From Humanatic

Legaspi, Philippines
@ARIES1973 (8751)
February 28, 2013 7:30am CST
Today is really a very rewarding day for me. Although my body is still aching because of the monitoring activity that we had yesterday, I still go to work and do my usual daily activities at the office. After signing up some documents and making sure that everything is okay, I decided to check for my humanatic account because I found some problems when I signed in this morning. My account was automatically being log out after each review that I made. So I have to log in back every time which is really time consuming. I found a message from the site asking for an apology because of the delay brought about by the said problem. So I was relieved to know that the problem was actually with that of the site and not with my browser. I found out also that there were many calls available for reviews so I tried to do some work. Seldom that I get lots of calls for reviews on that particular time of the day, so I was excited and started immediately in order for me to finish more jobs. After lunch, I again log in to my account and started to work again. I was surprised when after several call reviews, the screen flashes and a message informing me that I received bonus earnings in the amount of $7.15. So I made a new discovery this time, doing our best in order to deliver a good review is the way to be more successful on this site. I am so happy to earn additional $7.15 dollar! This does not happen every day so I am really thankful. This is truly a great day for me! Have a great day everyone!