apprehended by the police, dragged by the automobile and died

@hotsummer (10449)
February 28, 2013 6:54pm CST
this is really horrible to see though this happened in south africa and not in my country although I won't say this is something that does not happen here. it also happens although not exactly in the same manner. but i am just appalled at the video at it seems that they the van was not moving that fast as the man was on the back or the tail of the van with one person holding his who was inside the back door of the van while the other two policemen carrying his both legs. So the two policemen carrying his legs were walking normally. so the van was not moving fast. and so his body is not actually touching the ground . maybe in the latter part of the incident the van moved faster and no one was carrying his legs any more that is why he was dragged to hit death. I just can't imagine any human would do this to any person even if that person is a criminal specially if that person didn't commit crime maybe other kind of crimes. but i don't think that man in a criminal in the first place. just too sad though to see that.
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