wat u say abt Osama bin Laden??????

@sri_1211 (407)
November 22, 2006 1:51pm CST
wat u say abt Osama bin Laden??????
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@srhelmer (6930)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
22 Nov 06
He is a coward. He hides in a cave while he recruits people to do his dirty work for him. Supposedly, he's at war with the United States but you rarely see him attack a military target. He would rather kill innocent people, including women and children. He's definitely not a man.
• Pakistan
7 Mar 07
hey man u dun no about Osama bin laden first go and do some research u all people just belive on media first thing every body no that twin tower thing was inside job and now letme tell about Osama bin laden osama bin laden was blue eye of America he was in intellingence service of USA he fought with USA against Russia in Afghanistan after THat he WAs livin in saudia arabia then USA army come In saudi arabia in order to defend them SO Osama ARgued their and then he was excile from SAudi Arabia then he make an ORGanization Name ALqaida In order to defend Muslims ALl over the WOrld HE FOught In AFRica With AImenulzahori Now he is AFghanistan ANd he is not u no wat if u r saying he is coward and hiding and instead of it Other people are doing his job so bush is doin same He is doing terrorism in Afghanistan n he his hidning in White house and the YOung Miltary people are TErrorism People In Afghanistan so wat u say now
@dioscora (309)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
worst person and very dangerous.
@ansarkhan (2427)
• Pakistan
22 Nov 06
Great terror
@arunpatal (627)
• Germany
22 Nov 06
I thanks to god that Osama is not my enemy :)
• Bangladesh
22 Nov 06
he is really dangerous.
@mayammb (1818)
• Australia
22 Nov 06
Oh man he is such an intelligent person behind all the things happening in the world.