Dont hate me i am just that good

March 1, 2013 6:12pm CST
a little paint to cover what's deep inside, i little truth you know we all wanna hide.when i'm trying....i'm trying now to get to you.but you're telling me like you alwayss do...,you say........,"Dont hate me.....,i am just that good. i've got to hand it you're hard one to please, when it looks as thought, you've got all you need. all the many times i've dreamed i could walk in your shoes.what a nightmare it must be....just being you....say.."DONT HATE ME...,I'M JUST THAT GOOD" a little misunderstood,you made me and i'm just that good..., step outside walk with me everyone i know and see is falling and crawling after something may be a bigger house afaster car never knowing who they are their lonely,their lonely,their lonely....., all this time will take its toll to you as the same it will on me well good ain't all that good's made out to be don't hate me we're all just that good just that good...just that good
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
2 Mar 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well i do not know whether this is a reprise of your own story or u have pen down the lines by yourself but still i very much loved these lines and i also strongly feel that we should feel proud when we r good and should let others to have control over us that we r that good. What say?
• Indonesia
2 Mar 13
yeah this is it, i am just that good