what kind of perfume smells like soap and water?

March 2, 2013 9:12am CST
I am looking to buy a new perfume and would like one that has a light clean fragrance. I am not a fan of strong over powering fragrances, anyone know of a light clean scent that I would like?
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• India
2 Apr 13
Thanks for this discussion, i am fond of perfumes, but i use only real scent made from flowers, musks etc, they have no chemicals. We have one kind , that has chemicals, it smells soapy, i don't like.
• Canada
2 Apr 13
Hi Professor Do you make your own perfume? I just like the smell of (some soap) and have always thought if they could just bottle that scent it would be nice. I too like to know what ingredients are before applying it to the skin. Thanks for sharing.
@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
27 Mar 13
I too cannot stand the strong type of perfume. They would give me headache if I am exposed to them for a while. If you are looking for light fragrance perfume, you can always try to look for the fruity flavored perfume. I found some when I was walking around in a mall. They let us smell and the fragrance is light and sweet. You can always ask the perfume seller to let you smell the fragrance before purchase.
• Canada
1 Apr 13
Hi Squallming Thanks for the tip I think I will go to a mall and try some new samples they always do have newer ones so I will try to look for a light sweet one like you suggested thanks for sharing.