March 3, 2013 5:34am CST
Are you tired of using every possible shampo ever existed just to get rid off dandruf and still having issues with recurrent dundruff? I know it feels disgusting to use egg and yogurt every weekend and smells like rotten egg in the party,then you will be happy to know finally a very easy solution to your hair problem and dandruff.. use the aloe vera on your scalp for 15-30 minutes and enjoy dandruf free scalp. Aloe Vera has 95 known advantages and out of many let me listed down few of them for you.. 1) Removes dandruff 2) Promote hair growth by increasing the enzymetic activity and eating away the dead dead cell which stimulate your hair follicles to grow. 3) Reduce itching and dryness of skin. 4)the gell like substance in aloe vera has similar composition as keratin, an essential protein in hair, thus it makes your hair look healthier, shining and soft. 5)Rdeuces the baldness especially in males.
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@ctryhnny (3463)
• United States
4 Mar 13
I've never had the problem but have heard that eggs are good for your hair. I'm not a big fan of aloe vera because I've heard it's a very heavy substance and hard to rinse out.
15 Mar 13
het ctryhnny, its really easy to apply and easy to wash off. It doesn't stink neither it gives you that sticky feeling.