Want to learn Italian, love Italian soooooo much

March 4, 2013 3:50am CST
Couples of years ago, my piano teacher asked me why i did not learn Italian instead and I gave her no response for I knew i had no idea about what does Italian sound like and before that i never heard about this kind of language. Then last year my friend asked me this same question and my answer was still the same-no response. I know i still need to go further study about English, like my written English and going deep into learning far more vocabularies. And aslo, i have been considering trying to learn a new as well as my last language for a long time, more than 5 years but sill could not make my final decision of which one i am really into learning. By the way, one of my best friend speaking both English and Russian asked me if i woudld like to learn Russian and if so she could do that favor. But i rejected. But now, I know i do want to learn Italian and before this decision I did my research about this country and its language. Believe me, i do really love its culture and the sound of Italian, especially after i watched the show 'IO canto'. I appreciate those kids' talents of singing so much and every time after i watched one episode of that, it increased my lure to learn Italian and can you imagine how disappointed i was the moment i was watching this show for there was no translation at all-whether the English one or the Chinese one, and during this more than 2 hours time i just could guess what they were saying from there body language. It really sucks. Now i have made up my mind about learning this language no matter how difficult it is. Can any mylotter here knowing Italian give me some suggestions about learning it or where i can find some useful materials or sites. Thanks alot.
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
4 Mar 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well i can understand your situation very well and i can see that urge in you to learn Italian language very much. I think nowadays u can learn any language of the world by sitting at your home. U have so many sources over internet that u can take help of. so go for it n master this language. What say?
• China
5 Mar 13
Thanks alot, subhojit10. I know there are many materials that i can take use of. But i do not know which one would be better cuz i am just a very beginner. I don't mind taking more time to learn that for i need a good foundation. I am going to go to the public library in my town and get some books about that.