We least expect....

@kokomo (1868)
March 4, 2013 11:05pm CST
that my brother is one of the candidates of graduating class this year. We all know that he is not doing well in his school and he only prioritized his peers and his vice.He was always being scolded by my mother because every time he go home, he was always outside with his friends but still we are supporting his studies. When we were asking him if he'll gonna graduate, he was not sure with his answer until this February when he announced that he belongs to the candidates of graduating students. We are all wrong. He said, even though he is a naughty one, a hard headed and a very demanding son and a brother, he has still have a self discipline and he has an ambition. We are all happy for him.
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@artemeis (4069)
• China
7 Mar 13
Sometimes, people aren't who they look or what they seem like - your brother is a good example here. No matter what the obvious are in terms of telling signs and his actions, we just cannot go for the obvious. We need to go deeper. In espionage, spies are known to scatter their scents by using false obvious to throw their pursuers off their trail. I am glad that your brother is heading for the positive and good aspect here.
@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
6 Mar 13
Wow, what a very nice surprise for your family. Good thing that your brother still prioritizes his studies despite that it seems he only cares for nothing but good time.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
5 Mar 13
Congratulations to your brother! Atleast he still had that willingness to do good in school despite being a happy go lucky guy. My husband also has a nephew who is never serious with his studies. It only began when he started living with his grandparents who never was hands on with regards to helping him with school work. It was either me, my sister in law or a tutor who helped him with his school work. Now that kid is in First Year College. Still that lazy. The people around him have given up on him. If he still fails this semester, I am not sure if he would be sent to school again by his grandparents.