candied “sampalok” or tamarind

@SIMPLYD (81659)
March 4, 2013 11:31pm CST
After lunch at work today, I went to the ground floor and bought myself a pack of candied sampalok or tamarind. It is a the soft glutinous like candy, sweet and sour to the taste. I put some salt on top before I eat it . And it is so delicious, I was able to eat 5 of it. I controlled myself from eating the whole pack which is 12 pieces. I have to reserve it for tomorrow after lunch again. It’s a nice way of taking away the after taste of my lunch. A picture of the candy is attached. Have you tasted this kind also?
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@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
6 Mar 13
Is it just me or there is no picture? Anyway, I like candied tamarind as well. And yes, I also dip it in some salt. I love the combination of the sourness, sweetness, and a bit saltiness of the candied fruit. But now that I live here, I seem to have a hard time finding it.
@SIMPLYD (81659)
• Philippines
6 Mar 13
I noticed that i attached the picture to my other discussion Are We Okay ? . Sorry for the inadvertence. But i think with or without the picture you know what particular candy type of sampalok it is. It can be bought on markets here. Anyway, i attached the picture here, for your confirmation if it is what you are thinking of also.