Just received my SODEXO for almost half a year from AIP panel

March 5, 2013 12:27am CST
It just only this afternoon that I received my sodexo gift pass after a few email of faollowing up form AIP panel. Its worth P300 pesos only but this is important to me for this is from my earnings in answering survey in AIP,I exchange that points last September 08,so supposedly I was expected to received that on October last year as what they said in their page. but after may 6th or 7th followup it's only today that March 05,2013 I received the mail. Anyway I am a convince they do pay but the problem it took almost half a year or maybe because I just keep on following up that's why they send it. I withdraw it the time I am not yet member of my lot. then when I become member my lot i received my earning more than what I withdraw in AIP survey and must fastest and really true the rules that they are saying about paying as I received my first payment of $10 last February 14.I am expecting to received another sodexo pass from AIP panel as redeemed it last February 04 but unlike Before I do not expect that they will follow they rule that they will pay it in between 20-30 of the following month which is must be this month of March too. Supposedly AIP must be trustable than other site for this has ssl certificate but as based on my experience mylot and the other survey site which looks a scam for first impressions having no ssl certificate are the ones who truly pays on time and follows what their rules in paying.
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