Love sharing is a disease???

@Mintlin (323)
March 6, 2013 12:22am CST
Recently ,I read a magazine,it mentions nowadays people like sharing everything on the internet(like facebook etc.),from their family member,children to their life,job everything they can show on the public eyes,they will do. It's good to record our life,but honestly many people do it just for flaunting,they flaunt how rich they are,how wonderful life they have. but meanwhile,tragedy could happens through sharing those things on the public eyes. My classmate's friend,a woman,always love sharing her son's picture on the facebook,every detail picture (including everything in her son's school),then one day her son was kidnapped on the way he went home after school,she never seen her son from that time... another example,a girl showed a lot of picture regarding how her boyfriend held a wonder birthday party to her on the blog,the present he gave her ( car,necklace,house),two days after this blog,her boyfriend was fired by government. her boyfriend was a government officer. It's nice to see people share their life but we've seen many people they actully overdo it,what do you say ?
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@miryanag (348)
• Bulgaria
6 Mar 13
There are dangers in using the social networks. For example a friend of mine was fierd because he shared a status on facebook which his boss did not like. In my country when you go to a job interiw the employer already knows much about you because he have cheked your facebook profile.
@Mintlin (323)
• China
6 Mar 13
Hi,thank you for your sharing,yes,it's kind of dangerous to do i do not present any personal info. on the internet