Funny jokes?

United States
March 6, 2013 11:51pm CST
I try to find the good in things. The humor more so in other things. And I have this red headed friend of mine that helps my find the humor. Well as i said he is red headed. I call him my lepprechan friend. He isn't short though so don't get the wrong idea. He can eat for five people and still be hungry. Well we went to cici's pizza place the other day for all you can eat buffet. Well we got there thirty minutes before they closed. Me and my fiance got our drinks and paid for our food and went to go get it. Well hes behind us and he starts talking this lady out of her money pretty much. She gave him his cup for free. So he got a drink for free. And what he told her was funnier. He told her all he drinks is water. So she didn't have to worry well the girl came back with" sir i'm no idiot take the drink and go on. Its on the house." What he didn't know is they were already going to close the place down for good in a month or two. After he did all that he came to the table and told us. I tell him" So weres the funny?" He says" what?" I said" where is the funny?" He starts laughing and said " lets eat ill tell you in a little bit" Well we get done. We walk back to my apartment and He say he has to go to the restroom. And my fiance says Well" i am going to get some ice cream." And my friend says" well See you tomorrow" Haha So when he gets out I ask him again. So wheres the funny. He says" well ill tell you tomorrow." He walks out of the apartment and not ten minutes later her comes back in and says" Well im back" and has a box of pizza in his hand. And a phone number in the other.
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• Philippines
7 Mar 13
Sometimes funny jokes is beyond the understanding of some person around specially those jokes related to previous event where audience have no knowledge of facts. However funny jokes is always good for our hearts.
• United States
7 Mar 13
statistics say when you laugh it makes you healthier. Supposedly it makes you use more ab muscles then anything. And it makes your heart stronger.
@smtrsv (186)
• India
11 Mar 13
Some times the humor make the edge the sentences. If it is not possible to make the something more clear, it is a very good, proper and effective way to present your outlook on the topic perfectly, effectively and interestingly. So many people are using this way to say (sometime criticize) on the topics.