Romantic Dinner for two

November 22, 2006 2:20pm CST
Now seeing as I was accused of not being romantic on the phone when the missus was drunk (which she was baffled to discover she had said saying it was rare to find one even as romantic as me according to her mates and their relationships) but anyway damage done so I am proving myself a bit. I am cooking her dinner, argh scary stuff I know. Just a simple thing massive yorkshire puddings with mince in and veg will be nice, but anyways, what I am thinking is what else can I do. She wants to be there to help me cook, sort of something we can do together, so I am thinking maybe make a cd of mushy songs and include our song / songs that remind me of her. What else you reckon I could do? I am already preparing to make coctails but which ones do you reckon?
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