Yahoo wants a cell phone number!

United States
@coffeebreak (17829)
March 7, 2013 9:17pm CST
Yahoo is almost requiring it...maybe others are too..but the email clients are asking for a mobile number for "back up", and to contact you should you need access to your email acoount and can't get it the usual way...they contact you via cell phone. Well,,,, I don't have nor do I want a cell phone...yet they continue to ask, I click "ask later" and they do and it is getting to where they won't leave me alone about it. I have aske the help area about it and try to use my home phone and it won't take it (how do they know it is a land line and not a cell anyway?). Why..why do they need this info? ALl these years they ahve just asked for another email addy, I haven't given one, but now that isn't enough. THey want your cell number. If I don't give them one, are they going to delete me from Yahoo? It is bad enough we have to have PINS and passwords for literally everywhere we go on the internet, but now...they want us to have cell phones too? When will it end!?!??!?!?!?!