distance isn't an issue unless you make it one.. :/

March 8, 2013 2:49am CST
I am the kind of person who really admire those people who bear distance and still remain faithful and loyal to the ones they love. For me, people like them are really hard to find. Distance was never been an issue to me but for my ex-partner, it was. I guess, it is also one of the factors why that person replaced me with someone who's always near. But, I stand with the fact that he was never loyal to me in the first place, right? He eventually knows the reason why I'm away because I'm studying and yet he continued having an affair with someone whose his ex-girlfriend and eventually my friend. I don't want to blame myself for the break-up because for 5 whole years I've been loyal to him. I never cheated and had any affair just like what he's been doing ever since. I remain faithful and tried to be honest all the time but he still screwed me up in the end. He still settle with that girl who's exactly in the place where he was! I just wished them happiness despite the betrayal and hoaxing they did to me. After all, I love him and she was once a friend. :(
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• United States
10 Mar 13
In a smooth sailing relationship, distance shouldn't be an issue but I think it varies from individual. Some believe so much in 'the closer the dearer' while others would always want their partners to miss them. Whichever way, I think maintaining a good communication is a key to surviving it all.
@Angelpink (4022)
• Philippines
8 Mar 13
Hi there ! That is very true , distance doesn't matter unless you make one ! Man is too different from a woman. When a woman says she loves a man and she is faithful then she will stand and die for that ! But the opposite can hardly stand for that , having weak nature when it comes to this thing and temptation they can't resist. If love is just there then distance doesn't matter especially nowadays that technology allows you to have constant communication. He is not meant for you girl , so dangerous when you are married already , might be he will be betraying you. Enjoy Mylotting today !