Pokemon X and Y

March 8, 2013 11:35am CST
So for those who are not aware yet...yes really another new Pokemon generation is here already! Time flies!! Black and white has come and gone apparently and although only a few new Pokemon have been revealed, this is common and I am assuming this will be a full generation of roughly 100 new Pokemon but maybe it isn't? What do you think? It would be interesting if there was only a few new creatures this time but from a creative view they have shown they can keep coming up with interesting designs and mythology for new Pokemon. Who is your favourite Pokemon? (Lugia forever!) Favourite Pokemon movie? On that note another new Pokemon movie is on it's way too! So year of Pokemon has we also of course have Pokemon X and Y which for the first time ever, will be released world wide on the same date! But you gotta catch a Nintendo 3DS to play them. Something I have yet to..but this will help usher in the new generation and get people familiar with them. I have had my suspicions..that the reason Pokemon Black and White made history by having 2 sequels of a kind, was to make a bridge. Because now we know of the existence of Pokemon X and Y, surely when Pokemon Black and White 2 were in development they had begun at least some work towards Pokemon X and Y. It existed. So my theory is, given the low sales of the Nintendo 3DS according to some sources, rather than jump straight to having the next generation of Pokemon games on a new generation console that has very mixed views and not a lot of games coming out from what I have seen, it is better to create sort of an extended black and white and then release the next generation games onto the 3DS. That way those who do not want, can not afford etc a 3DS do not completely miss out while they make their minds up, as they get Pokemon Black and White 2! Simples! Just my theory. Of course Pokemon is massive and sells well and is known for selling consoles, that's not what's to be implied but rather it deserves to be accessible so the DS is suited but by having Black and white 2 and Pokemon X and Y it bridges the gap more smoothly to say, Ok guys, we did a lot of Pokemon games for the DS but now the future is 3Ds..but don't be upset yet...here are two more games for you. That's the way I see it and I predict MAJOR 3DS sales increases once they do realise, for sure! Also interesting to note, the DS made history again by having more than one generation on the same console right? Think, Pokemon red, blue and yellow-Gameboy. Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal-Gameboy Colour. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald-Gameboy Advance. Diamond, Pearl, Platinum-Nintendo DS. Black, white, (no solo sequel/alternative like the others) DS AGAIN. AND Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 DS AGAIN! So the DS really got a great share of games! I love the spinoffs too such as Pokemon mystery dungeon, Pokemon Ranger...etc. I really wish they would make another Pokemon Pinball game, very trick to catch all the Pokemon- Great fun, idea.
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