Chloe had some great lines when talking to Chelsea

@stealthy (8188)
United States
March 8, 2013 5:24pm CST
When trying to boost her spirits one thing she told her was that Chelsea was taller than she was. Also, later when talking about Adam she referred to him as a reptile. There were many more. I think Chloe is really great when she is involved in things like that.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
9 Mar 13
I've really gotten to like Chloe and Chelsea. I hope they make them two girls successful in their design business and keep them successful. They are a good team in many ways.'d sure be nice to see some women in GC be successful ON THEIR OWN and BUY THEM SELVES instead of the constant, never-ending all success to the men! They make the women so stupid and whiney and insignificant and just a bunch of husband hoppers!
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
8 Mar 13
I watch it.. Im starting to really get into this soap. Thanks to you.