UN-graceful exit.

March 11, 2013 1:22am CST
About four years ago, I didn't have a good exit from the company I was with. My boss, the country manager, told me she would talk to me after the turnover but maybe she forgot until my last hour in the office she left early not being able to say goodbye to her. My last encounter with her was when we discussed about my leaving together with the Finance Mgr, Sales Mgr and HR Mgr and my department colleague. A few months after I left, I emailed her personal address expressing my regret to not being able to talk to her for the last time and to ask also for forgiveness about whatever pain I caused resulting to my resignation. I never got a reply. I re-sent, but still no reply. Six months after I left, she retired. This afternoon I met with an old friend from this former company and was wondering if he ever contacted our former CM. He gave me her number. I want to call... I remember her as a nice lady like my mother. What can I tell her?
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@ErikaD (21)
• United States
11 Mar 13
I guess it depends on how much you need/want to ensure she understood that you left on good terms. Perhaps her personal e-mail wasn't working, perhaps she was ignoring you. If it matters to you, call her (which I'm thinking it does as this is the third time you are trying to reconnect). If you call and get her v/m, leave your number, and explain what you did in the e-mail. If she calls, great. If not, nothing you can do. I wouldn't call more than one time, though. Good luck!
• Philippines
11 Mar 13
This is a nice advise, ErikaD! Thanks so much :)
@Raine38 (9116)
• United States
11 Mar 13
If you feel the need to talk to her and give closure to your resignation and the circumstances with it, then give her a call. The worse she can do is ignore your call and not return it. But until you actually did it, you will never know. Who knows, she must not be able to receive any of your messages, or she must have but just hasn't gotten to writing back to you. I know some people who are really nice but they are just bad in returning emails.
@leateagee (3667)
• China
11 Mar 13
That's too bad. I wish you could still contact her. Well, as you may know what happened to my email, it may have happened to her too. About your question, you may try to call her. Maybe she's also wondering about you.