Getting involved in a real physical fist fight due to "road rage".

@bryanwmc (1052)
March 11, 2013 1:57pm CST
in all my years as an adult , there were times when i got into heated arguments and quarrels with acquaintances and strangers. Some which flared up into a verbal shouting matches, screaming vulgarities and obscenities at each other,cursing and swearing in foul language. Yet surprising even myself now when thinking back ,somehow , despite being in a rage, i had managed to restrain from worsening into violent physical attacks on each other Although the urge to punch the other guy in the face was very strong, and i am sure, he felt the same. Still we managed to control ourselves not to attack each other physically and confine ourselves to verbal attacks only.. But there is one incident i remember few years ago when i got into a fist fight with a stranger because of a silly minor traffic accident. I was driving behind a motorbike when the rider suddenly swerved into my lane ostensibly to avoid a pothole in the road . I had to slam my brakes and swerve to avoid crashing into the bike rider, just as another car was trying to overtake me so inadvertently, my vehicle bumped into his and dented his car door. I could tell the guy was pissed off as we stopped to inspect the damage, he was screaming vulgarities at me as he got out of his car and without warning just lunge at me attacking me with his fist..Didn't get a chance to say anything. Managed to dodge his swinging fist but got kicked in the stomach. And then i just lost it and "returned fire", so to speak. We were doing battle in the middle of the road.Chasing each other around the street punching and kicking , just as well, it was a residential area and not highway. And after about 5-10 minutes of the violent physical exchange trading blows , resulted in his bleeding skull and a bloody nose and a bruised swollen eye -guess i had a slight advantage over him since i used to be a boxer in my youth--although my ribs were really sore and skin peeled off my fist and a deep puncture wound , coz i had punched his teeth , the police showed up and broke up the fight and hauled both of us in ,ended up paying a hefty fine and few nights in the police detention cell.. Thinking back, i realize i could have just walked away from the confrontation and avoided the ugly and painful affair. But rage got a hold on me, and blinded me and numbed my common sense. Just wanted to strike back with a vengeance when i got kicked..patience be dammed! Whereas the other guy had the road rage demon in him. All the other altercations in the past were mainly verbal exchanging insults but the reasons for the other quarrels were more serious and yet never got to the point of physically fighting. The provocation or reason of this fight was so ridiculous and petty but yet things like this are shockingly common. Road rage among drivers can easily get out of hand. The two things i am curious about here is , whether Has any MyLotter ever experience the situation where a quarrel they were in got out of control and physical fighting erupted as the rage escalated?. Also , has any MyLotter witness road rage situations before or were victims of road rage. ?
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
12 Mar 13
I've never felt road rage that much. Of course, I get annoyed, when some people don't know their manners and the rules of traffic, but I never feel the need to shout. But that may be because I've never driven a car, I usually just travel in the passenger seat... itr must be really different behind the wheel.