Season 3 changes, game to quick?

United States
March 11, 2013 7:18pm CST
With season 3 in full swing now, it seems like the games are ending quicker then season 2. Personally I think it's a bit to quick as I'm not getting items 5 and 6 very often for full builds. Think it's the movespeed, with higher overall movespeed and the all the champs with gap closers in the game, the snowballing ftw is happening everygame. Anyone else think the game is a bit to fast too?
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• United States
25 Apr 13
I think season three had some weird changes to it. I hate that tanky is the new meta, because it makes all the other champs fall under par. BUT, I like how the game is faster because the slower games got in the way of my social life. Regardless it's a good change.
• Philippines
15 Apr 13
The games indeed have seemed to end quicker, but I think that should be a '+' depending on what game mode you are playing. Here in the Philippines, league has been kind full of trolls since season 3 came out(with all the additions and nerfs w/e).
@Reyachan (589)
• Romania
17 Mar 13
Hello, 2earnmoney2. It's funny you mentioned this because ever since season 3 started, our games last longer than usual. Even an hour sometimes as we find very good enemy teams. I think you either have the good fortune of playing with very good teammates and win fast, or very bad ones and..surrender at 20. I really don't think the game of the speed itself is altered. From what i know there were no item or skill modifications that could lead tot that. But if you think LoL is fast, try Heroes of Newerth or Smite. Now those are fast mobas! HoN is with isometric view like LoL, but Smite, now that's an experience! It's a 3rd person moba, kind of like the PvP in a mmorpg. It's extremely fast and fun, with skill shots that require precision and has as lore all the pantheons of gods in the world, from Roman and Greek to Mayan and Chinese :) You should try it once or at least view the trailer. It's super fun and addictive, not to mention extremely eye-candy :) By the way, what do you think of the modifications they made in season 3? Especially the thing with lowering the rezistences in favor of the HP? From my point of view, if a team gets 2-3 tanks and you don't beat them by level 20 it's pretty hard to take them down after that.
@jdawg011 (505)
• Canada
14 Mar 13
I've stopped playing as much as I used to, well I basically don't play anymore, but the changes did seem like they increased the pace of the game, especially the movement speed changes. The increase in number of upgrades to certain things would also make it difficult to finish your build, though it was rare that people finished before season 3 either since one team usually built an advantage by 20 mins.