myLot culture

March 13, 2013 12:04am CST
In the 'real' world, perhaps you'd notice that the most loved managers would be those who have people skills. They interact with you and make you feel appreciated. They build you up but they are honest enough to tell you where you need to improve. They are open to suggestions and even criticism. They don't need to dangle a carrot on your face or manipulate you into agreeing with them because they understand that not everyone can like or be like them. They listen. myLot has given us an avenue to meet different people from different walks of life. Our common 'ground' is our love for writing (or typing) and polite, civilized interaction. Imagine if the 'real world' would be a lot like myLot, wouldn't it be a nicer, more peaceful place to live in?
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@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
14 Mar 13
Yes, you are right friend. if all the people in the world has behavior like myloters, of course we can life comfort in the world. But, we must real. The real world is very very hard, wild and full many people that have bad behavior...Yes, we must be patient. This is real world...