Abusive employer

March 14, 2013 6:11pm CST
I work for a Best Western Hotel; but I cannot disclose the location. The employer there has no knowledge of any health and safety, and I had reported it to the Ministry of Labour in Ontario, as well as letting them know that my employer does not have any labels on any of the cleaning supplies. She also tends to abuse the other employees' rights. There is this one co-worker that I have that likes to go to Church every 2nd Sunday, but can;t because our boss wont allow her too. This is a violation of religion, and I told my co-worker that she needs to stand for her rights. I was also threatened the loss of my job because I went on a 2 week vacation and got stranded there for an extra few days because of a mishap that had happened through transportation. It was out of my hands, and even hitch hiked across Texas just to get home to Canada. So it goes to show that my life means nothing to them at all. Perhaps my body parts could have been scattered all over the Texas highway and they'd still order me into work... LOL .. Ok, bad joke. My boss also forces you to work overtime, and if you have children to tend to, you can't because you're stuck working everyday of the week because they are so short staffed they don't want ti hire anyone else. People also tend to not stay very long. I am currently looking for another job, because I know she will make my life hell once she finds out that I have reported her.
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@dainy1313 (2354)
• Leon, Mexico
21 Mar 13
Hello Blaqwynter, I hope that you are fine. I think how frustrated must you feel. You have done the right. Sometimes is very difficult to cope with this kind of employers. If she doesn´t change you should look for a better job. I hope that you feel comfortable at your work or you find a better work for you. Blessings Blaqwynter... dainy
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@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
19 Mar 13
Hi, you have done the right thing by reporting about your employer. She is very rude and emotionless. If employer has no good relations with the employees he has to suffer a lot. No one wants to work with him. You should find another job. Because this job is not good for your mental and physical health.
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@alicia812 (648)
• Australia
15 Mar 13
Hi blaqwynter. I believe that you did the right thing - to report your employer to the proper authorities. In cases like this, somebody needs to talk and you have that enough courage to initiate actions not only for your own sake but for that of your other co-workers. Good on you that you also considered looking for a replacement job. Wishing you all the best.
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