…thank you for not doing it

March 15, 2013 5:51am CST
It’s election time again and many candidates will pull some stunts and will delver words that will persuade us voters to vote for them. Most of them (in my opinion) are pure rhetoric and probably won’t happen. But we all know that an election rally isn’t an election rally without some celebs turning up and some politician trying to be portray their ‘connection’ to the public by doing the latest dance craze. This year it was Gangman (whatever) style and the Harlem shake. But I think voters are sick of all the glitz and jazz. This survey was conducted by UP and I cannot presently find a link. Anyway, it’s about time that politicians turn off the entertainment and focus onr ela issues. There should be a revolution on how campaigns are made. Entertainment is good but too muh eclipses the purposes of debate and persuasion.
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@mensab (4205)
• Philippines
15 Mar 13
the politicians do those funny and degrading stunts because the masses still vote for those people who can do these things. although there is a sign of maturity in some aspects of voting behavior, such as the loss of celebrities in the election (still some celebrities won), there is so much to be desired in our political exercise. the political dynasty must go.