Getting Around Part 2

@MoonGypsy (4613)
United States
March 16, 2013 6:52pm CST
i am getting sick of having to be on these crutches and being limited to where i can go and what i can do. at first, it was okay. now, i feel like i want to go to the store and can't when i want. i have to ask someone to go for me and i hate that. they may not always want to go to the store for me. also, i like to be able to go to the store for myself and get what i want. i don't know how long my foot will be like this and i am so depressed right now thinking about this being more long term. it's been two weeks now and i am ready to to back to normal.
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• Philippines
17 Mar 13
I have an idea about how you feel. I sprained my ankle too and had to use crutches, and a wheelchair to use the ramp instead of the stairs and bandages etcetera. I hated the feeling of helplessness and dependence and not being able to do the things I can usually do for myself. The positive things, such as seeing how everyone is so helpful and finding creative ways to get around, are no compensation. And I love walking that now I have gotten rid of them, I just walk everywhere. I have never wanted to use the stairs so much in my life. But you just remember that those crutches are there to ensure your injury gets better faster and correctly. Hope you get well soon.