causing a scene.

@pomwango (1355)
March 17, 2013 10:19am CST
what do you feel about people who cause a scene about service?i felt very embarrassed today when we were at a cafe with friends for lunch and because one of our friends started quarreling the waiter because they served someone who arrived after us.i thought it unnecessary to make such a fuss and it only ended when the manager on duty had to come and apologise,by the end of it all i did not even enjoy the meal because we were now the center of you mind causing a scene or does it make you feel you have drawn unwarranted attention or do you feel great now that you have had your issue addressed?
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@timetravel (1428)
• United States
17 Mar 13
Sometimes certain tables are assigned to waiters, which might be why a waiter appears to wait on someone who comes in after you do. Since there's no way of knowing if that is or isn't the case, a better way to deal with it if you feel slighted is to simply ask the waiter or waitress , when at your table, how come the other patron who arrived later was serviced sooner than you were. This can be done without getting loud or rude. Who knows? The waiter might simply be new and unfamiliar with things, or simply gotten distracted. Things happen! There's nothing wrong with simply mentioning it without making a big fuss! Now, if my food isn't what I ordered or how I ordered, I will get picky because I cannot afford to eat out a lot, and when I do, my hard earned money is paying for my order and I expect to get what I ordered how I ordered it. Yet I still won't yell or make a scene. I will simply tell the server - who is not the cook - about it - so it can be done correctly. The issue is addressed, no one needs to get loud, and everyone is
@Raine38 (9116)
• United States
17 Mar 13
I never wanted attention. I don't even feel comfortable having my picture taken, lol! If ever I have any complaints or issue like that, I will not vent out or quarrel with the waiter since there's very little that he could do about it. I would, however, request to speak to their manager and state nicely how I feel about the rice and if there's something that can be done to correct it or make it up for us. I believe that things can be resolved with a nice talk.
• Canada
17 Mar 13
Despite the situation I am under, I could never go out of my way to embarrass myself or anyone else who was with me. I'm the type of person that if my order was wrong, I won't say anything and just accept what was handed to me because I don't waste food, and I bare no alergies so I guess I can get away with doing that. However I do tend to send a formal complaint by calling or emailing later on to let the manager know the mistake. I know this sounds silly, but I don;t want to cause a scene.