I'm not feeling today

@hotsummer (10466)
March 18, 2013 11:25pm CST
It started yesterday afternoon. I feel heavy and i cell sluggish. I woke up late as i just find it hard to get up and feel the need to sleep more. I just forced myself to get up then i ate just small amount of food. I wanna take a bath but I still don't feel like i should. Maybe later on. I'll just take few more rest. I have taken paracetamol already upon waking up.
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• India
25 Mar 13
Hi friend, sad to hear about this, hope you are fine now. It is hard to get up early if we are not feeling well, there is nothing wrong in taking more rest in feverish days. Take care of your health.
@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
19 Mar 13
Lots of people here are also feeling a bit under the weather. Probably because of the sudden weather changes. It was so cold then it gets warmer. Then the past 2 days it has become cold again and now we are having some bit of a warmer weather once more. Sometimes when our body gets shocked because of the sudden weather changes and wasn't able to adjust, we get colds or feel feverish.
• Philippines
19 Mar 13
Take care of yourself. Don't do heavy labor or you might break yourself. Just take a good rest and watch Spongebob do his thing.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
19 Mar 13
Take some good rest and hot water,it's working to me anyway and if you found it harder to deal with and than go to your doctors and see what exactly happended to you,health comes first and hope you get better soon.
• Philippines
19 Mar 13
Don't force yourself to get up, just sleep all you want and eat whenever you're hungry. Believe me, you'll get better.