Isotonic Drinks

@tehpau (340)
March 19, 2013 2:07am CST
Isotonic drinks or sports drink are easily available in the market. People drink isotonic drinks to replenish their bodies with water, energy and electrolytes after working out. The problem is we drink it without having to replenish anything. These drinks are easily available from stores. They are sold in cinemas too. Is it a good thing to be drinking sports drink when our body does not need it?
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@hunibani (720)
• Philippines
19 Mar 13
it is really depends on what kind of sports you are doing. If you are on gym, freerider isotonic will be good, in which have solution of water to glucose has similar in balance with the body. And if you are doing heavy sports that you have to keep up your energy for long time, hypertonic is great help to keep the energy longer as it has higher glucose but less water, you will have to drink water or isotonic drink to keep your body hydrated and reflenish. The taste of sport drinks makes you more want to drink, which is good thing and make sense to us. It does not reflenish but it will make us want to drink more water. Xx
@topffer (36426)
• Goa, India
19 Mar 13
I think there is nothing wrong : the main purpose of an isotonic is to give a better and faster hydration to our body than water. It is useful when a sportsman perspires after an effort, and less useful when you take an isotonic drink in a cinema but it is never harmful.