Loving Lifesong

March 20, 2013 10:41am CST
My niece went back from Indonesia and she gave me this cd of Casting Crown titled Lifesong. And another one that contained the band's popularized single Who Am I. I haven't heard the second cd yet but I am starting to love Lifesong already. I always play it in the car. The songs are more of evangelistic in style and they are all my favorites. I particularly would like to mention that I began to instantly relate to the song Praise You in the Storm. I remember the life of Job and David as well as all the trials and difficulties I've experienced. In all those pressing and very difficult situations I and my husband went through, we never stopped praying, praising and worshipping God. We continued serving Him in the ministry and never allowed the weakening of our faith. I thank and praise God because those problems strengthened our walk with Jesus. Now as I look back, it is so overwhelming to realize that God is now rewarding us with many blessings, prosperity, good health and the privilege to serve Him as church leaders. We are now reaping the fruit of our labor.
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• Philippines
20 Mar 13
Wow that's very awesome!. you know listening to a song (specially to the praise or worship song) gives a lot of motivation to me, whenever I'm happy, sad, tired, hopeless, etc. theres always a song thast really fit in every situation... Casting are a good one, i always enjoy there music. You may also like to listen to the music of rascal flatts, laura story (there song entitled "blessing" really amazing)..
21 Mar 13
Thank you. I would definitely be searching for that song you recommended. Indeed, music can always be therapeutic, encouraging, and worship and praise songs are the best...at least to me..
• Philippines
22 Mar 13
You got it right sis, Music can defenitely turn your mood upside down. ;)
2 Apr 13
Who am I song is very touchy. It tells about Jesus's love for us despite our imperfections. One of the lyrics says that Jesus still hears us when we call to Him. Our Jesus is very lovable. I am also listening to worship songs. And you are right praise songs are encouraging.