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March 21, 2013 12:33pm CST
I have always been high on life. This week I am especially grateful. I had premature ventricular contractions (PVC's) that started back in 2007. I was an avid runner at the time 20-30 miles a week. After the PVC's started I was unable to walk to the park without stopping to rest. I reluctantly went on a beta blocker (atenolol). The PVC's stopped and I was "just like normal" until this December 2012. In December I started having super ventricular tachycardia (SVT). I thought this was a "fluke" as I was tired and had consumed too much caffeine. Caffeine, alcohol, stress, and exhaustion are the things that trigger my PVC's. I ignored this SVT and went on with life. However, I kept having SVT and this became concerning as I would feel dizzy, near syncope, and at times be driving during the episode. I was told to increase my medication and get a cardiac ablation. I decided the ablation was not going to happen and I would just stay on the medication with double dosing. After 6 weeks of no caffeine or alcohol I kept having SVT with the double dose of medication. By this time I had been in the ER three times, to the cardiologist four times, admitted to cardiac observation one time, one echo-cardiogram, one stress echo-cardiogram, and a cardiac catheterization. All things were proven to be negative. I finally decided to have a cardiac ablation. In order to have the cardiac ablation I had to go off my medication for at least 48 hours before I could do the procedure. I was terrified of the outcome of being off my medication for this long. Fortunately, I made it the whole weekend and to the hospital without incident. The first thing they do is an cardiac electrophysiology study (EPS). Unbelievably, after 2 hours of mapping my heart absolutely nothing abnormal was found. As I woke up from my EPS and heard this news I melted into tears. After recovering, my cardiologist came in to speak with me. The decision to wear a cardiac monitor for 30 days to aid in finding where the malfunction may be was made. In addition, my cardiologist suggested I stay off my medication and consume alcohol and caffeine (in moderation of course). I could not believe my ears! I asked him "why?" He stated sometimes people only need medications for PVC's short term. He also stated my SVT could absolutely be the result of taking the atenolol if my heart no longer has PVC's. I am extremely happy and humbled as I am on day 5 without having had the atenolol. I have had no incidence of PVC's or SVT. I can tell my body is going through withdrawal as I do have shortness of breath with exertion. The first few days I was jittery and dizzy. I would never recommend anyone going off their medications without their physician's guidance but I am truly hopeful this is going to work for me! Sometimes the solution is in the simplest form. I also have to give thanks to God as everyone I have told this story to believe I was cured by prayer and a miracle...I have to agree! Has anyone else had a medical miracle? Any medical information to share in hopes of helping others? Sincerely, Wanda
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@MoonGypsy (4613)
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21 Mar 13
the heart is a very serious thing my friend. take care of yourself and make sure you follow your doctor's instructions to the tee. be well and good luck to you.
21 Mar 13
Thank you so much. I am in disbelief still how well I feel. I drove to the store today and actually cried because I feel so "fixed." I have not felt like this since I started my medication in 2007. I am still recovering from the surgery and weaning off the medication but I have more energy than I have had in a long time. Thank you so much.