Who is sending the gifts to Lulu? General Hospital soap

@coffeebreak (17820)
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March 21, 2013 6:15pm CST
Someone is targeting Lulu with things. First the phoney Ice Princess diamond, now the bear with the fumes that knock you out. That was a stupid looking "baby" gift anyway. Who do you think is sending the stuff to her? Of course Luke blames Scotty...he blames Scotty for everything he doesn't blame Helena Cassidine for. At first when the Ice Princess showed up, I thought it was Helena. Now the bear.. and both to Lulu, not luke. So i wonder who is sending them and why to Lulu I think it is Stephan Cassidine....Luke (supposedly) killed him years ago, but if you watched it..which I did three times just to make sure...Luke was chasing Stephan through the tunnels at WIndemere...and Stephan stopped, heard Luke calling to him and then took something out of his coat pocket and put it in his mouth and then ran on..they met at the cliffs where they struggled and Stephan fell off the cliff..and of course the body was never found. So I think that Stephan took a pill that would help him somehow stay alive once over the cliff or something... Anyway, I think he is targeting Lulu as she is Luke's daughter and it will hurt Luke more if his daughter is targeted or hurt than if he himself was the target. The actor that played Stephan, was on Y&R for several years and recently left...so that might make him available to reprise the role...and with the anniversay thing coming up...the Cassidines were a big part of the show for a decade there so they have to have at least one represent the clan in the anniversary celebration. Who do you think is doing it?
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@stealthy (8188)
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22 Mar 13
I never saw any of the Cassidine story lines and only know Helena from when I first started watch recently after OLTL went off an she had her own daughter killed. What character did the actor who played Stephan play on Y&R? Is there a connection between Jerry Jax and Luke or Lulu? It seems like to much of a coincidence for the the evil Swiss doctor to show up just as Lulu goes missing and I think she is probably working with Jerry now since he has Robin and Faison is locked up.