Annual Painting

March 25, 2013 6:41pm CST
Just another way of pissing me. My father keeps telling me during summer to constantly repaint the fence. Considering that an average lifetime of a paint is around 5 years, I really find it very redundant. What do you think?
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• Jacksonville, Florida
25 Mar 13
I don't know your father but I do know mine. He would have us do things like this just to have some control. For example, if we didn't mow the lawn in the right pattern we had to do it over again, it didn't matter that it was super hot outside! Or we had to sit and pick weeds every day because there was no school. He would stand over us and watch us do these things, if they weren't perfect we had to do it over... I think in my fathers case it was mental abuse. He always wanted to show us who was boss and who was in control. Like I said I am not saying that about your father but it just reminded me of mine...
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• Philippines
26 Mar 13
I think as for my case, he just wanted us to do something instead of watching tv and surfing the net the entire summer. haha
• China
26 Mar 13
Like Chinses New Year,we clean our house every year,repainting the fence is just like to give a fresh feeling to you and your family,also give new life to the fence.Does this make you feel better?
@Raine38 (9116)
• United States
26 Mar 13
Charge him for the labor! That's what we do when I still live with my parents and they want me to do some major work around the house, like painting, decorating or even major cleaning. A good way to keep us occupied because all kids out of school during the summer with nothing to do spells disaster at our house. What better way to keep us busy and like it because we are earning some summer money.