Is your flow heavy or slow?

March 26, 2013 1:53am CST
Ive been worrying about my menstruation since i turned 18.It became really slow and sometimes it only takes 2 days. Well, I do not worry about dates cause it always appears on proper dates...Is this normal?
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@doroffee (4228)
• Hungary
26 Mar 13
Every woman has their periods differently. A friend of mine has it for 3 days, and she doesn't have cramps, and her menstratuion is quite mild... yet, before I used birth control pills, my cycle was really crazy... like it could be late even for a month (I wasn't worried about it, because I wasn't sexually active back then :D), and it could last from 3 to 9 days, and my cycle flow was really heavy, and I always lose a lot of blood... but now at least it stayed at 5 days and starts more or less at the same time.
26 Mar 13
I understand that you are worried about it. I know that anything can affect your cycle. Anything from stress to the weather can change they way your cycle is. used to when I was younger than what I am now I used to have a cycle that only went 5 days but after a certain point in my life it has decided to go longer and sometimes a good bit longer. Although there are lots of times I do not have a cycle at all, but I have recently been told the reason for that. I am glad you at least have a cycle every month. If you are very very worried I would check with a doctor though, although it could just be something normal for you but I do not know.