Monthly Planner???

March 26, 2013 2:49am CST
Anyone know of a place online that I can get a free monthly planner to put on the screen? So that when I get on the computer I can see it and possibly update it here and there. That way when I am the computer I can have the things I have coming up or just whatever I want on it. Any help is appreciated thanks in advance.
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• China
26 Mar 13
I know a lot of people use Gmail calendar or outlook calendar for making month plan (In fact, the former one is better). However, I instead use the calendar on my ipad to make schedules and I find it really easy to use and it can remind you if necessary. I have also tried out some apps on both ipad and iphone for making plans, like awesome note. If you are interested, you can have a try.
26 Mar 13
Thank you I appreciate it. I would have an issue with it being that fact that I do not own and Ipad or an Iphone. I do not even have a smart phone. Thank you though.