The poor people are often to be generous, agree?

@hunibani (720)
March 26, 2013 4:40am CST
I've met several people with money river, in downtown, school, and work. And they are less compassionate. When they receive a good gift they still feel bad about it and don't like it and start giving stupid and nonsense comment about the gift. Why they can't just say thank you and accept the gift. Poor people gets very little and so simple gift yet they are so thankful and so happy. When you give something for them they give you a great gratitude of thanks and they even give you food before they can eat. I am also poor, but not so poor like other people who strive to death. I thank God for what I have right now and I feel so blessed with my friends, family, and the people who loves me. I pray for those people who suffer and to the people who has no mercy. xx
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@Frederick42 (2019)
• Canada
12 Apr 13
From my experience, I must say that the poor are far from generous. I do not know about rich people because I have not yet met a rich person. The poor that I have met are always complaining. They are far from thankful. Not only do they complain, they actually advise me what I should give them. Some poor people pretend to be generous, but in reality they are hypocrites. They give some of theirs, but only in expectation to get more in return.
• Philippines
29 Mar 13
In our school we have a program where we get to live with the poor for three days. I saw how kind and happy they were even if they live so simply and they do not have so many material things. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
27 Mar 13
Hi huni... you are right, there are many people who do not thankful with their wealth and doing some activities that show that less compassionate. Whereas, they have enjoy welfare in their life, but they have habit bad and less of gratitude of thanks. I am very impressed with your behavior, which is you still have thankful to full although you are not a rich people. Have a nice day...
@Lakside (19)
• Togo
27 Mar 13
Sometimes people say they cannot give money to others if they want to stay rich. I think this is wrong but i also feel that rich people are not grateful because they want something they cannot buy themselves as a gift. and when you buy something they already have they don't feel gratitude where as poor people don't have many things and they can accept anything you give them.
• Indonesia
27 Mar 13
I am not a rich person too, right now, but not really poor. But I agree, most poor people will apprecited our helps or what we give to them, more than middle or upper class people. Because they usually struggled a lot even just for looking something to eat for that day, so when someone gave them helps or foods or money, they usually feels sooo happy and thankful.
@miryanag (348)
• Bulgaria
27 Mar 13
I tottaly agree with you. I think that the reason for this is that poor people know the meaning of not having. That makes them more sentive to others suffering.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
26 Mar 13
I think poor people feel more for the people in need, because they know more what it is like to be in need, and not being able to afford basic things.
@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
26 Mar 13
Most rich people only ever do anything charitable when the cameras are around . I have seen a lot of rich people take advantage of their workers also . I also thank god for what I have that I never have to look to anyone for simple things . My parents are both hard workers and they make sure we are well taken care of and I am so thankful to them .
• India
26 Mar 13
I'm totally disagree with you your comments. We can't catogrise people with their bank balance. I have also met with different people in my entire life but I never felt that bank balance ever change attitude. It's you thinking that matters.
26 Mar 13
there are people in india they are so poor that even they don't get food to eat. they die but still the indian government is not doing anything because they are corrupted that's the reson why india is mostly covered with poor people.all the babus in india they put all the money in swizz bank which is in USA. they are looking for their own benefit. they are real basted.
• Malaysia
26 Mar 13
yeah i agree with you, just this morning i did meet back to our own old neighbor who live in the Peringgit, all i can so their are so generous and just ok to chat with me compare to rich people, so arrogant.
• Jacksonville, Florida
26 Mar 13
With some people this is true, but of course not with all. My husband was a delivery driver years ago for a pizza place and the people that gave him the best tips were actually the poorest ones. They lived in the smallest houses in the worst neighborhoods. The richer ones would give him the smallest tips, because they had no idea what it was like to have to be a pizza driver!
• United States
26 Mar 13
How true this is as the poor, like myself, know what it is like to be poor and to have to struggle and do not wish to see others have to struggle nor are we so unappreciative of gifts given to us. Whereas the rich an affluent are not so aware of the struggles around them as they feel they have a sense of entitlement and just expect to be given the best in the world with not thought to others around them.