After thousands of crash reports, I received a response...

@yume11 (183)
March 26, 2013 1:27pm CST
I think that since I've got Firefox, I have many many crashes from it. Because another browser ,except internet explorer, isn't compatible with my oldie pc, I have touse Firefox wich ...I'm lucky if it's crashes just 2-3 times in a day. After it crashes it appears a windows to restart Firefox or to close it . In the crash report windows, I have little boxes where I can send my oppinion and I can accept if I want my crash report to be send to them and to receive a response about it. I have checked all the boxes, from the past year, and that means lots lots lots of report crashes have been sent from my pc...But I've never received any response...until a few minutes ago, when I opened my email..and I saw the ''wonder'' an email from Firefox. After so many years, and crashes reports..they've responded me... Unfotunatelly they haven't gave me other solutions than an update[which I've made] or a support article, which maybe I'll read these days, but I don't think it will help me to solve my problem. In the end I have to say that Firefox crashes have made me to lost a lots of myLots responds, games in which sometimes I've played many hours to achieve a level and without saving the crashed ; and it made me lost many other things... But my big question in all this thing is...this response is..for what crash? Is it for my first crash ever? Because in this case, I have to expect inthefuture a full inbox of responses from Firefox -hehe- xD.
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@TLilly12 (1230)
• United States
27 Mar 13
I just deleted firefox off my computer, today it kept crashing, and I got tried of it so what I did was, went through the web browser list, and found a web browser that works great on my computer, it Orca and it moves fast to, I really like it
@yume11 (183)
• Romania
28 Mar 13
I haven't heard of it, but thanks for sugestion. I'll try it these days maybe. What I saw on it's page, seems to be pretty nice :).
@dodoazo (21291)
• Philippines
10 Nov 15
There are, I know, two solutions to a problem. One is to analyze it and come up with a solution. And the other one is to ignore and that is the simple solution.