Love the romance and love story in this movie

United States
March 27, 2013 3:19am CST
I just love the romance and love story in this movie. I think Julie Roberts and Richard Gere played their parts well. I love how he tries to get her off the streets and help her out. I remember the first time watching this, thinking, I hope they fall in love and end up together in the end. I was happy when they did. I think it was a good movie overall. I love love stories, makes me feel hope that maybe one day I will find true love, like the kind of love you see in movies. You kind of imagine your self falling in love like that, and living happily ever after. I think romance movies gives people hope, that love is out there, you just have to be willing to search for it and find it. It does exist though. Anyways, in the movie, I love how he really seems to care about her from the start, and genuinely just wants to help her out. I feel like they were already starting to fall in love from the moment they met each other.
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@srisahara (4147)
• Indonesia
28 Mar 13
Hi andrea... I also love the story...It is the true love. Yes, romance movie teach us to find true love and encourage us to find the best people to be our partner in our live. When I still single, I also think like you, imagine to find my true love, and I really find him, he is my husband now, he loves me so much...I hope you will find your true love. Have a nice day.
@yume11 (183)
• Romania
27 Mar 13
I think ''Pretty woman'' it's one of my favourite romance movies. I first saw some scenes from it when I was very little[around 4 yrs.] and I liked it, tough I couldn't read the subtitles for it xD. Last year, when I was at TV I got the chanche to see it full, understanding the subtitles. I hope this movie will not be forgotten by the next generations :).
27 Mar 13
Pretty woman is one of my favorite romantic movies from the 90s.Gere and Roberts make a cute couple.It's every girl's dream to meet someone like Edward:a handsome man who cares about you,loves you,protects you.And who can buy anything.:D Sounds a bit like a fairytale, but you never know what life has in store for you. We need more inspiring and uplifting movies like this one.