Trying to get Adsense on my blog...HELP!!!!

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
March 27, 2013 8:03pm CST
I am trying to add Adsense to my blog. Good grief, what a hassel! there a way to get ads that pertain to my blog theme/subject instead of just anything? I make quilts and am going to be doing posts with instructions on how to make quilts...I want ads about quilts or at least sewing. What I am getting is about solar power and motor oil changes! And is there something about when I choose an ad style, and it says to correct errors...but doesn't tell me what or where the errors are! I have tried to read the adsense helps, but good grief, they are so have to know what you are doing to be able to understand them and I don't know what I am doing! Appreciate any tips, helps, comments or suggestions or even any "here's how you do it..."s! Thanks so much!
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