Cannot sleep without the humidifier

@tehpau (340)
March 28, 2013 3:17am CST
Working, sleeping and living in air conditioned places is what we do in tropical country. We get to enjoy cool air, yet air conditioners actually make the air very dry. It makes our skin dry. Our nose, throat and eyes are dry too. When I had a cold last week, I could hardly sleep with a blocked nose. So I decided to invest in a humidifier. What this machine does is moist the air. It comes with a water tank. We fill it up, switch it on and mist will be released from one end. My breathing has become easier every since. There is no more dry throats too when I wake up. Is the air dry during winter months? Do you use a humidifier?
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
28 Mar 13
I don't use one, because I"m not living in a climate where it could be needed. But it sounds like a great idea for countries and families like yours! I'm really happy for you that you could tackle to dry air problem!
• China
28 Mar 13
A similar situation is happening in my life, because our season is early spring, the wind is very strong, and the heating is working in my room, so the air is very dry, my nosebleed is happened some days ago, so i alway drink lots of water before night sleep, i want to buy a humidifier and hope can improve air condition.
• Trinidad And Tobago
28 Mar 13
I sleep in an air conditioned room in the Caribbean and the only time its a problem is when I get the flu and cough endlessly throughout the night. I guess this is a good idea.
• India
28 Mar 13
friend.. i'm in fine atmosphere.humidifier is not necessary for us,our country has warn temperature.its has both advantage and disadvantage so choose the best things and better machine.
@srisahara (4161)
• Indonesia
28 Mar 13
Hi friend, it is right that air condition is not good for our skin and our respiratory tract, you may get cold if too much leave under air conditioner. It is a good idea if you buy humidifier, because it is more safe than air conditioner, it also can reduce a blocked nose. Now, I stay in rural, so everyday I can get fresh and cool air without air conditioner or humidifier. Have a nice day friend...
@alpha9180 (301)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 13
This is a good idea of using the humidifier in an air conditioned room. It is true that our skin becomes dry when stay long in air conditioner places. Someone told me that for those without a humidifier, they could also place a bowl of water in the room. It works well too [em]lol[/.em].