drinking and driving

@bryanwmc (1052)
March 30, 2013 7:32am CST
i hate it everytime a buddy of mine comes to my place and then after few 5-6 beers, he is a bit high but insist that he is fine to drive the 20 mins back to his house. he has been doing so for years (driving after few beers)and hasn't encountered any problem. but what i hate most is some times he brings his 2 kids along to my place in the daytime on weekends where they can go for a swim at the apartment's pool with my kid but come time to go home with their dad, it will usually be in the evening after dinner in which,he will have had a few beers at my place which he will usually bring . although , he seems not out of control , still clearheaded,not overly drunk, still it worries me each time he drives off knowing that it is impossible to say anything about it. very sensitive after few drinks. I brought it up once and his ego just lashed at me. Now when he brings his kids , i usually ask them to stay a night saying i will send them back following day and they can swim an extra day, but as for the dad?? Is there such a thing as moderate drinking and driving? i will never drive after 4 5 beer cans,my wife will, or if she feels like having a few drinks off normal,then i stick with maybe a beer or just one drink whatever it is,and i drive? we have an arrangement.
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@emily7339 (1339)
• Malaysia
30 Mar 13
He should be well aware of having drink and drive is dangerous. He not only endanger his own life but also life of others. It is kind of you being concern for him that you offer his kids to stay overnight in your house.
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@bryanwmc (1052)
• Malaysia
31 Mar 13
not really kind but more of concern ,since it is a once a weekend thing and i adore his kids as well.and understanding the amount he can ingest,my feel is i rather not risk it.but in his case can't do much
• United States
3 May 14
He should be aware about it that drive after a drink is not safe. He is playing with his life as well as others.
@mawee79 (404)
• Italy
31 Mar 13
I don't understand those people who drive, after drinking a lot. It always happens that young people die in car accident between Saturday night- Sunday morning..and this happens because they had dirnk at the Disco or in other pubs..