It is not Good to spend money on neobux

March 30, 2013 10:06am CST
I joined neobux around three months ago and i upgraded to golden membeship, i also rented 179 referrals on neobux, But now i am not able even to pay for refferals only through neobux earning. Now my referrals are decreasing and neobux referrals earning is not enven that i can maintain the same referalls on that site. So my advice is that never invest money on any ptc.what do you think?
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• United States
4 Apr 13
I've never spent one cent on any site while earning online. If they say they will pay you once you earn enough money, they should pay you, I shouldn't feel compelled to spend money on a site just because they say I'll earn my investment back faster and extra.
4 Apr 13
yes you are exactly right...
• India
2 Apr 13
once I got some active refferals and I got the money in a month smoothly but then I used the money for my referrals and this time, they were not active, some were some were not and then what ever I earned I lost..
4 Apr 13
Yes Really you are Right! Initially when i rented referrals then i got active once but after some time when i upgraded to golden membership after that i am seeing that there are very less active referrals and the referrals which were active also become very less active and whatever i do just waste my money..
@marguicha (100307)
• Chile
31 Mar 13
I think a lot of this is luck. At least I hope that it`s luck and not that neobux is scamming its members. Did you recycle them? How long did you wait before recycling? It seems that that is important, but I don`t much understand.