Listening to my father in law childhood experience...

March 30, 2013 4:49pm CST
This morning when I woke up my father in law asked me to help him to stand up and sit down in cardiac chair. While waiting for the nurse whose going to clean his sutures he started to tell story about his childhood and we ended laughing. He really had a great childhood life even he experience lots of hardship but it made him a better person and inspired him to study hard to achieved his dream. Now his children has a better life because he made sure to secure his children future.
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@MrGhost (550)
31 Mar 13
The same story goes in all families; the older generation had to struggle a lot and the new generationis enjoying the benefits.
• Philippines
1 Apr 13
I agree with you!
@scubapro (1056)
• Gifu, Japan
30 Mar 13
in these days young generation has no respect to oldies and no time for listening. i really dont like it,old people are lovely,caring and we need to listen and get some experiences from them,and by the way we will be old too. if we dont show our respect to them,who will respect us. i am just 30 but even i dont wanna listen ,i listen them,its kind of must for me i love old people and we musnt forget,they just wanna help youngers, happy mylotting
• Philippines
30 Mar 13
I love listening stories from old people because i can compare how they live their life before and now. My father
@lampar (7597)
• United States
31 Mar 13
Your father in law is confiding in you by telling you his childhood life's story, it is quite clear he has much trust in you right now in this critical stage of his life, and is glad that he has a daughter in law that love him so much, willing to care for him next to his sick bed day and night and listen to his grand old story. He must be very appreciative on your emotional supports and voluntarily present yourself to keep him company in the hospital, i am sure your action so far is of great important to keep him on the recovery path a lot quicker now, at least you get the boredom out of him and make him feel worthwhile to stay alive every day by providing more strength to his fight against his illness. Well Done, my friend!