United States
March 31, 2013 12:34am CST
When you bake a cake and finish putting on the decorated icing, what fruit do you put on it if any? Do you put a specific layer of a different icing between the layers of bread? The other day, we decided to make a cake out of scratch. It wasn't very easy, but in the end I think it made out to be all right. The icing seemed to be a bit sweeter than expected, though when we made the layer of icing between the layer of bread to be red bean flavored, it was absolutely perfect. We also put a couple slices of mangoes that complemented with the icing on top, and so far, it's been a new favorite. The cakes provided from stores are too sweet.. while the cake mixes end up turning into brownie mixes.. Do you like baking cakes?
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
31 Mar 13
I haven't done too many cakes, so I really heaven't experienced with different layers of icing. But I love to put strawberries on top of the cake most! :D
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@redtesha (1934)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 13
I prefer to eat cakes than baking cakes, lol .. My mom always bake cakes .. sometimes she put strawberry or slice of banana in her cakes ,, the taste is so yummy! our family love her cakes .. Now my mom trying to make rainbow cakes, that's so famous cake in my country right now, so my mom really wanna to try that one ,, can't wait it happen :)
@tehpau (340)
• Malaysia
1 Apr 13
I love baking. Normally I use the same icing for in between layers and on top of the cake. If I am adding toppings to the icing, I will make the icing less sweet. My favourite toppings include peaches (I use canned peaches), kiwi slices, grapes (halves), fresh cherries and sometimes strawberries (halves).