Embrace of the Vampire

@lady1993 (20536)
March 31, 2013 4:36am CST
I just watched this since i've been a fan of vampire movies ever since Underworld.. The movie started out okay, about how the main vampire became how he is and his first love too. But then it went downhill after 30 minutes or so... The story was just not very god and the execution too- it lacked a lot of stuff and thought it could make up for it by showing Alyssa Milano... Oh well, i hope to find much better vampire movies in the future.
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@grvdubey11 (1882)
• India
13 Apr 13
I remember this movie,it was about a girl who had bad dreams and she is in love with a good looking vampire.I saw it on cable TV few years ago.You are right ,the idea was alright but execution was not so good.There are lot of vampire movies in Hollywood but only few of them are classics like Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola.Best wishes.
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@lady1993 (20536)
• Philippines
15 Apr 13
Yeah, a lot of people have made movies about vampires- but only a number f them are actually worth watching... it is sad for me, since i am a myth lover, especially those about vampires and werewolves. So far i loved the Underworld series and Anne Rice movies.