Spoken Word

United States
April 2, 2013 6:35am CST
im sure many people have heard of this, but for those whole havent, its pretty much just someone reading poetry with music playing in the background. think of it as hiphop, with more meaning. you really have to pay attention cause the person is talking, not rapping or singing. but anyway, im a pretty big fan of it, and if there are any spoken word artists or poets on here, show yourself haha
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• Philippines
2 Apr 13
Well i can wrote poems, when i'm in love, broken heart, depressed and lonely, most of my poems are based on my emotion, i write what i feel in the fort of poems, their was an instance that i'm disappointed on love, i released my my emotion through mobile message and i send to all my friend, i send a one paragraph and after a minute another paragraph, they don't deleted my mobile message to them, until one of my friend, wrote my all my mobile message to them in a piece of paper, and they're amaze it formed a poem, and most of the word that i use, the words that being used by our old old grandparents. They posted it in Facebook actually, and many are requesting it to be translated into English, but they my friends disagree they that point to be that way. They can feel emotion with the original words i use.
• United States
2 Apr 13
you sound very confident in your work, if you wouldnt mind, id love to read some of your stuff. hopefully its as good as you say lol